OtterBox Defender Series Case For Samsung Galaxy Note - Review

April 29, 2013

When you have one of the smartest smartphones at your disposal, you obviously want to make sure that you have the smartest protection out there. The rugged OtterBox Defender Case safeguards the thin and light body of your Samsung GALAXY Note from damages under virtually , any circumstances for the ultimate protection solution!



  • Full access to all the Samsung Galaxy Note’s buttons and features through the case, including camera, flash and stylus opening.

  • Silicone plugs provide full coverage of volume controls, headphone jack, micro USB opening, power button and charging port.

  • Two-layers of protection include a sturdy polycarbonate inner layer and rugged silicone outer layer.

  • Inner polycarbonate layer includes a built-in screen protector and inner foam liner.

  • Outer silicone layer features a grooved texture on the side for enhanced grip.



  • Screen Protection: Built-in screen protector prevents scratches, scuffs and smudges while retaining the sensitivity of the Note’s touchscreen.

  • Inner Layer: Two-piece polycarbonate snaps together around the Galaxy Note creating a solid shelter. The
    inside of the polycarbonate includes a foam inner liner to cushion the Note against oopsies such as bumps,shocks and drops.

  • Outer Layer: Rugged silicone wraps around the inner polycarbonate layer. The sides of the silicone outer layer feature a grooved texture for enhanced grip.

  • Holster: Rotating belt clip securely fastens to almost anything and also doubles as a media viewing stand when locked into place. You can face the touchscreen out for use or face it in for maximum protection.


The case is classic black in color, which some people may find boring, where as I just love the simple bold look, it looks very sturdy and strong. It does add some bulk to the phone but for me it wasn’t a deal breaker.The Earpiece,Sensors and front facing Camera are protected with hard plastic edges which are very classy and look stunning.The Volume keys are also fully protected ,as is the Power key on the right side..

side view

At the top , the noise cancelling mic is open and the Headphone jack covered by a small pull-able cover, what is great about this is there is a very hard plastic edge around the Jack port.As with the Top the Bottom is also well protected namely the Micro USB Charging port. The S-Pen is fully open giving great ease of use when pulling out the S-Pen. There is separate openings for Microphone and rear speaker.

One word to describe this case would be: DEFENDER!


My overall experience with Otterbox Defender series has been great. This is the Best Protective Case for Galaxy Note as no other case provides this Premium look, Awesome feel, and the Amazing protection that Otterbox provides.


The Defender Series case for Galaxy Note by Otterbox is priced at $59.95 , But on MobileFun the case is priced at just $37.99 , that's almost half the price and for that price , this protective case is really worth it!

Moreover , Mobilefun is one of the most trusted websites for Mobile Accessories , The Product will be shipped at your doorstep within the appropriate time.

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