Avantree Roxa Bluetooth Music Receiver Review

May 16, 2013


Avantree Roxa is a 4.0 Bluetooth powered Audio Receiver which wirelessly streams High quality music from a Android smartphone, tablet or any bluetooth enabled device to a HiFi Speaker system.Roxa is a very powerful bluetooth receiver as it incorporates the latest aptX decoder and high quality plastic.

Roxa also is a wall charger (1A) , can charge Any Android smartphone or  tablet. So never worry about the music will be stop for low power of the phone, and no need to look for the wall charger and think plug it to where when the socket is fully occupied,

Multipoint function - connect 2 phones at the same time. Easily share music between your family and no need to disconnect and connect again and again.

What's in the box?

* Avantree Roxa (Bluetooth Reciever)
* 3.5mm audio cable
* RCA extension cable
* User guide
* Warranty card


* Play music wirelessly from your phone or other Bluetooth device through your home stereo system, in full CD quality hi-fi sound due to aptX decoding added.
* Robust performance with accurate and sensitive search of devices in range locate anywhere in your house to listen and conveniently control & stream music with up to 10 metre range.
* Simple to use, plug & play with auto-reconnect.
* Supports multipoint pairing. Roxa can pair and connect simultaneously to both phone and tablet devices.
* Extra 1A USB charging port included. You can listen to music while charging your external device at the same time.
* EU,UK & US mains pin configurations available.

Specifications :

* Bluetooth receiver
* Bluetooth V4.0 + EDR
* Support profile: A2DP,
* Support codec: AptX, AAC, SBC
* Operation distance: Class 2, 10 meter
* Product size: UK Pin plug: (W)45.19 *(L)55.52 *?D)55.30 mm
* US Pin plug: (W)45.19 *(L)55.52 *?D)50 mm
* EU Pin plug: (W)45.19 *(L)55.52 *?D)64.95 mm
* Product net weight: 51g
* Output impedance line out:32?
* Total harmonic distortion: 0.6?
* Signal to Noise Ratio? ?60dB (1KHz,A-WEIGHTED)
* Frequency response: 20?20000Hz
* AC power
* Input voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
* USB output voltage / current: 5V / 1000mA / 5 Watt
* Certificate: CE, FCC, BQB, UL


You never know how much of an inconvenience something is until you experience a functional alternative and Avantree Roxa Bluetooth Music Receiver does exactly that for those listening to music in the home. If you have an existing set of speakers or home theater system and you want to connect your iPod, smartphone, or MP3 player to it, you either have to use a direct stereo jack or your stereo must support a dedicated dock connector. In most of these scenarios, users are generally required to return to the stereo whenever they want to select a new song or adjust the volume, but with a Bluetooth wireless receiver, you can do all it all in the palm of your hand. Avantree Roxa is geared to be a moderately priced solution for just about any stereo system with support for external inputs, but does the low price mean low quality?

Setting up roxa is very easy , just plug it in and it will automatically activate the pairing mode for 2 minutes.after connecting just plug in the 3.5mm pin and your good to go!

It is important to note that the sound quality you will experience when using the Roxa isn’t as good as a direct wired connection. Remember, you’re taking a music file that is already compressed (be it mp3 or streamed), and then compressing it again to ship it through the air to the receiver. That being said, the quality is actually very nice. There are some slight cracklings here and there if you have your music turned up too loud, but all-in-all the device gets the job done just fine.

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Those of you who have experience using FM transmitting devices will be pleasantly surprised with the quality, as Roxa provides an exceptional experience in comparison to the prior mentioned types of devices. This method also does away with spotty reception and having to switch stations to find an unused station to broadcast your transmission to when going on long road trips where the radio stations switch frequently.

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The performance of the Avantree Roxa is comparable to that of most Bluetooth connections. The device’s range is limited to 10 feet, but that can be cut short if you try to send the signal through thick, solid walls. For instance, I can walk around my living room with my phone in my hand and it plays fine wherever I go. I can go about halfway into the kitchen before the signal starts to fade. If I go into the basement, directly under the living room, the reception will pick up again. Now, if I go out on the front porch and close the door, the signal fades instantly — the porch is ten feet maybe from where the Roxa is installed on my stereo receiver.

Overall , Its a great bluetooth receiver at a very decent price , you can purchase Avantree Roxa from the manufacturer's Website for $49.99

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