S-View Cover For Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

May 13, 2013


Samsung has certainly found a good reason for keeping the back of its devices removable with the line of flip covers offered up across the Galaxy S and Note line. Obviously, the best part of the S-View cover opposed to the regular flip covers is the small window that will show you relevant information without having to open it up.

It works much like Apple's iPad Smart Covers and multiple clones that have appeared in the past two years or so. There are hidden magnets on the front that both hold the flap into place and tell the Galaxy S4 that the cover is closed. While this method on other devices simply turns them off, the S View cover tells the SGS4 to illuminate just part of the screen - the segment seen under the window.

While plastic, the S View cover has a synthetic leather feel to it and is plush enough to, almost, justify the price tag. It's sturdy too, so you'll feel your phone is protected - although Pocket-lint wasn't about to fling a Samsung executive's Galaxy S4 around to find out.


It's padded and soft on the interior, on the underside of the front flap at least, so is designed to keep the screen from scratches and also remove surface grime in use.Other than that, it's the window that really sets the S View cover apart, and makes it a great accompaniment to a great phone.

Calls can be answered, and you can easily see the time, date, along with any notifications you might have missed with the S-View cover and the extra functionality for the S-View cover may be worth it to many. It’s definitely a fun accessory.

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One should keep in mind that this isn’t a protective case. The “cover” will protect the face of the device, which is the most important, but nothing else is protected. The cover gives the user a bit of privacy, with protection the last bit of its functionality. Either way, the novelty of the S-View cover will likely be the main reason for getting this accessory, and we don’t see a problem with that.

The S-View Flip Cover isn’t perfect, though. It’s a bit irritating when trying to turn down the volume on the Galaxy S 4, and I found it rather difficult to hold when taking photos. Changing the way you hold your phone to take pictures is easy enough but changing the volume on the phone is no longer a one-handed operation for me. This may get a bit easier when the cover has been on the device for a while, but it remains one of the more annoying “side-effects” of having this flip cover.While it’s not without a few minor gripes, the S-View Flip Cover remains one of the coolest accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S 4. We still have some time until we see more accessories, like the wireless charging pad to roll out, but we’d say Samsung is off to a good start in the accessory department for its latest flagship device.

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