WickedLeak Wammy Desire 2 Review - Think Twice Before Buying The Galaxy Tab 2 !

May 27, 2013


Is it the Galaxy Note 8 ? Is it an enlarged Galaxy S3 ? No ! It is the WickedLeak Wammy Desire 2 Tablet !
We recently received our review unit from www.WickedLeak.org and this is the 'In-depth' review of the same device by The Android Cop .
We have divided the review into some categories namely -
1) Hardware(Design and Feel)
2) Software(UI and Gaming and Benchmark Performance)
3)General usability ( Battery , sound , display , camera )
4)Pros and Cons.
5) Final Verdict .


As for the in-box content , the box contained 1 piece of the following- Wickedleak Wammy Desire 2 Tablet , Travel Charger , USB OTG Cable, Micro USB to USB converter chord , User Manual . You don't need to worry about buying a screen guard for the WickedLeak Wammy Desire 2 , as the device has a good quality screen-guard already installed , and you just have to pull off the mask over it , which is a neat trick , and will be certainly appreciated by everyone . 

Before we proceed further to review , we wish to tell you that we We shall also valuate every category by a brief method , that is , how much the device manages to score out of 10 in every category.


So here we begin our review -

1) HARDWARE (Design and Feel) -


We took the Wammy Desire 2 out of the box, and it felt nothing like the other mid-range tablets . The Build Quality is almost as good as the Galaxy Tab 2, if not better than it .
The tablet is fairly thick at 10.9 mm, and the 298 grams of weight is acceptable as well for a device of this size. The tablet looks very much alike to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 .
Some people may find the bezels a bit too wide though . The tablet has a Charging port , mic , Mini - HDMI port , External SD card slot , Hard reset key , 3.5mm audio jack and a micro usb port at the bottom . Yes , the tablet does not charge through the micro USB like most of the recent devices , and the provided charger will remind you of the circular pin charger that Nokia used in their Symbian devices .

Nevertheless , all the ports are located at the bottom . The Power Button and the Volume rocker are located on the left edge . Nothing else remains , apart from the Home key located below the display . The Home key looks very much like the Galaxy S3's home key
and has a silver lining as well . The only issue with home key is that , it won't open the recent task list even after the long press . It will just take you to the home screen , and that's it ! A tiny LED is located besides the home button , which lights up Red while the device is charging and green when it is fully charged .
The other issue we noticed is fit and finish . Though nothing serious or troublesome , the rubber cap of the micro SD card slot was unable to fit perfectly .But no need to worry as the issue is very minor and it might be wrong with our device only .

The Camera is located at the back and adjacent to it is the flash and the loudspeaker , Just like the Galaxy S3 . The back is otherwise plain , but if you look very carefully , "EXYNOS" is written on the back . Apart from that , there are no signs of a company logo , and that sure surprised us . 
Overall , you get something worthy of what you pay . The device feels solid and reliable unlike several other tablets in the same price range .

Score - 8/10


2) SOFTWARE  (UI , Gaming and Benchmark Performance) -

Our review unit had the latest Android version , the 4.2.2 JellyBean installed . The UI is more or less the Vanilla Android ui itself. The pre-loaded apps include the Google Chrome browser , the iReader app , ES File Explores , Es Task Manager , Flash player , etc .


The Ui is pretty smooth and fluid , thanks to the Exynos 4412 and the 1 gb DDR3 RAM . The device comes pre rooted . So you don't need to worry about rooting it afterwards.
There are minor software bugs , like the pull-down notification bar makes the screen flicker sometimes , but there are no serious issues .
The device could smoothly play 1080p videos in MX Player . As for the Gaming, the tablet had no issues while playing high end Games like Asphalt 7 and the GTA Vice City and the device rarely lagged .


The processor and the ram again give it the advantage in gaming and benchmarks . The device vibrates while playing games , and it sure gives a nice touch to the gameplay . 
As for the benchmarks , the Wammy Desire 2 scored a very respectable 12032 in the AnTuTu benchmarks .



The benchmark's total score is very close to the Tegra 3 touting highly popular Asus Google Nexus 7 . The Nexus 7's total score is 12726 . While the Wammy Desire 2 still scores more than it in the RAM , CPU Float point, 2D Graphics and the Database IO test .
Not to mention that the Wammy desire 2 beats the Galaxy Tab 2 fair and square.



Score - 7/10
3) GENERAL (Battery , Sound , display , camera , Storage ) -

BATTERY- The device has a 3300 mAh battery , which is average and the usage time of device is about 3.5 to 4 hours , with 50% screen brightness and wifi switched on . The usage time dropped to around 3 hours with full brightness .
We suggest that before you conduct any battery test , you should calibrate the battery first . We did the same and noticed considerable differences in the battery performance .

SOUND- The device's loudspeaker is pretty good. It is what you'd expect from a device of this size and the speaker is good enough ,so we feel .

The device has a 3.5 mm audio jack as well, which performs good again. Though , we strongly suggest you to install PowerAMP to get tweak the music to it's fullest and make the most of this device .
The device's audio quality in Bluetooth headsets was also sufficiently nice .


Display - Wickedleak Wammy Desire 2 flaunts a 7" , 5 point multitouch capacitive display with a resolution of 800 x 1232 and a PPI desnsity of 160 . The color reproduction is good and the display is bright enough .
The display is not and IPS , but does behave like one. The viewing angles are much better when compared to the other tablets in the same price-category . The viewing angles , we felt , are as good as the ones on Galaxy Tab 2.


Camera- This is the main Letdown of this device , but we doubt if anyone is really going to use their tablet PC to capture photos . It has a 2 megapixel Rear camera , with a flash . But the image quality was below the average .
The 1.3 mp camera is located on the front for video calls , but the quality is mediocre again .

Storage - The device has 8 Gigabytes of internal storage . Out of which , 5.28 gb is user available . The app memory is 1 GB . The good part is that , the device does have a micro sd card slot , which lets you expand the memory by a whooping 32 more gigabytes .
This can be very useful for most users so as to store their content on the go .
Also , the device did supported the flash-drives we connected via the USB-OTG cable , which is a boon .


Score - 7/10
4) PROS & CONS - The WickedLeak Wammy Desire 2 is certainly better than we hoped it to be , and it managed surprise us . So here are the good and bad bits of this tablet -

PROS - 1> The 1.6 ghz Quad Core cortex A9 Exynos 4412 coupled with Mali 400 quadcore GPU is the chief attraction and the best part of this device , making it's responsiveness comparable to that of several high end devices .
2> The tablet comes pre-installed with the currently latest Android Version , the 4.2.2 JellyBean , compared to several other devices that come with Android 4.1 or even 4.0 ICS out of the box .
3> It is not short on connectivity by any means , supporting blurtooth , wifi, ethernet , 3g via USB Dongle and wifi direct as well .
4> A nice display and the expandable memory option are cherry on the cake .
5> The build quality is nice , and the device feels solid in hands .
6> The device is pre rooted , so it saves the efforts of rooting the device .

CONS - 1> Below average camera quality .
2> Minor software bugs .
3> Mediocre battery performance .


5) FINAL VERDICT - Coming to the final verdict , the tablet is certainly better than you'd expect it to be . This device can be an excellent alternative to the Galaxy Tab 2 , if you want more processor power and are ready to scarify the camera quality. It can even go head-on against Nexus 7 .
Yes, there are some minor software bugs , but they do not cause any troubles as such . You should consider buying this device if you want a high performance android tablet , with good connectivity and general features under 10,000 INR.



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You can order yours from WickedLeak's official site -www.WickedLeak.org.
Click Here for technical specifications and to get your WickedLeak Wammy Desire 2 !








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