a-Jays one+ Earphones Review

June 10, 2013


JAYS of Sweden, and their a-JAYS One+ earphones have the answer to your tangled cord problems and frustrations. These are the first ear buds that I have come across that wont tangle, ever! And to top it off these are some of the most classy ear bud designs that I have encountered.

The a-Jays One+ is no exception when it comes to quality. They’ve mainly designed for Android/iOS devices with one-button remote and mic to control your phone without having to pull it out of your pocket

Here’s how the company describes their entry-level headphones:

On a-JAYS One+ we’ve added a one-button remote with a built in mic so you can control talk and music on your mobile device. They are optimized for Android phones but also work great with Windows phones like Nokia Lumia and all Apple iOS devices. You get the same award winning sound as on a-JAYS One and our beloved tangle free cables. Out of the box you can control Play/Pause, Answer/Hang up and with the free of charge JAYS Headset Control App for Android you will be able to add functions such as volume control, track control etc. Go check it out and experience something new, something great!


A Tangle-Free, Flat Cable: Take charge of your earphones! Stop worrying about tangled cables and ill-fitting ear pieces. The a-JAYS Series is bursting with product innovations such as the JAYS-developed, tangle-resistant, flat cable and is supplied with up to five pairs of silicone sleeves designed to give you the best possible earphone fit meaning that you can take superior sound and design quality with you wherever you go.

It’s all about the Rhythm: The a-JAYS Series gives up a rich, deep bass response and will help you to discover your music all over again. The rhythm sections in your favorite tunes will be uplifted and reinvigorated; music has never been so much fun.

JAYS One+ comes loaded with a 8.6mm dynamic speaker engineered by JAYS. It is the perfect partner for on-the-go music enjoyment as it efficiently blocks out ambient noise. a-JAYS One+ is perfect for use when out and about with your MP3 player or phone. The remote and microphone keep you available and in constant control with only a few finger clicks.

Jays claim that the a-Jays One+ is compatible with most smartphones, and as of yet I haven’t come across a phone that doesn’t work with them. Their Silver-plated right-angle jack provides a solid but low profile connection, which is really a must with today’s growing smartphones.

With a single multi-function button and microphone, the headphones allow for numerous (and for Android, highly configurable) audio and call controls. By default the button uses single press for play/pause, double press for next song, and triple press for going back.


With 5 different sizes of silicon sleeves, the headphones are sure to fit your ears snugly, providing that glorious blocking out of external sound that is lacking in standard headphones.

What’s In the Box -

  • 5 Pairs of earpiece fittings

  • a-JAYS One+ Headphones

  • Instruction Manual

Features -

  • Amazingly detailed and balanced sound whose crisp highs delivers the unexpected

  • Flat, tangle free cable

  • Sleek Scandinavian design with ultra-comfort in-ear fit

  • Noise isolating system blocks ambient noise for on-the-go music enjoyment

  • 5 pairs of silicone earbuds

Specifications -

  • 8.6mm dynamic speaker

  • -40dB @ 2kHz

  • 95 dB @ 1kHz

  • 16 Ohm @ 1kHz

  • Freq: 20Hz-18kHz

  • 115cm (45 in) cable

  • Weight: 14g

  • Silver-plated 3.5mm plug

Design and Build Quality -


From the get-go, the a-Jays One+ earphones give a sense of real quality. The packaging itself even lends to this impression. The earphones come in a very robust soft-touch coated black plastic oval shaped box.Inside the box you’ll find the earphones themselves, user manual, and one of the best assortment of different sized earbuds I’ve seen in an entry level pair of earphones. There are 5 different sizes total (4 in the box and 1 already on the earphones) that should accommodate all but the most extreme sized ears.

On the working end of things, the One+ uses an 8.6mm dynamic driver, which seems to be the same one used in all of Jays’ a-Jays line-up. This driver gives the a-Jays a very warm, pleasing sound signature. They are a little bassy, but not anything that will tire the listener out during long sessions. As far as high-end resolution (treble), they actually are surprising performers in this area, having a nice bright (but not overbearing) tone to the higher frequencies with good clarity. And being dynamic drivers, with more use (break in), the drivers should open up more and more over time, further enhancing the sound signature.


In use, the inline mic/remote is a welcome feature, and works just as advertised. Click once to play/pause your music, two clicks will move you forward one track, and three quick clicks will take you back one track, and these controls also seem to work with all iOS apps that support it (I tested it with Pandora). The mic seems to allow great sound quality when on a call using the earphones, as none of my test callers ever noticed that I wasn’t using the phone’s own mic. For Android users, Jays offers a free android app called “Jays Headset Control” that allows customization of what different series of taps and presses on the remote’s button do.


The cables are a flat-ribbon style as opposed to the more traditional standard round profile, which helps a bit with avoiding irritating cable tangles, and should add a bit of strength to the cables as well. The overall finish on the a-Jays is a matte, soft touch black rubberized surface that is only broken by the white printed “a-Jays One+” just below the earbuds, and the in-line one-button remote/mic about halfway down the right side earbud cord. This remote/mic allows the user to take calls while listening to music, and also gives play/pause, track skip ahead and back capabilities.

The headphone jack is an L-shaped one which I find a lot better than the straight ones. It prevents any damage to the connection and with it being very thick you shouldn’t have to worry about it ripping. I’ve found it fits just as easily in the pocket too.

Gallery -

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Sound Quality -

They seem to be of good quality even before listening to them. They are very well packed and it’s even a little tough getting through to it. They fit well and relaxed although it seems a little loose and I would feel like they were going to fall off. It was comfortable but not firm enough.

The sound on the a-Jays One+ is really Clear and you can hear both highs and lows of the songs. It was also well-balanced. The bass isn't that loud.It seemed a bit flat as some points.


With them being in-ear you get pretty good noise isolation if you get the right fit. They easily block out most noise and also isolate the sound into your ears so there is barely any sound leakage. But like I said, you really have to get the perfect fit to feel and hear the full effect.

Overall, a-Jays One+ are really amazing at a price of $60 from the a-Jays website, you’re definitely getting exactly what you pay for.

a-Jays Android App -

Discover even more features with JAYS Headset ControlTM app for Android. With this app you can now turn your a-JAYS One+ into a fully customized multi feature control. Change volume, skip songs, voice control and much more. And of course it’s free and can be downloaded from Google Play. Just make a search in your Android phone for JAYS and install and you’re ready to go.


You can hit up the Play Store (Link here) to grab the Jays Headset Control app. Don’t forget to leave a few words of encouragement for the developers as it’s important that they hear feedback from users using their products. If you have a feature that you see might be useful, mention that as well and who knows, they might just add it in the next app update ;)

The remote with built in microphone enables you to pick up calls / hang up calls and play / pause your music. The remote works with your local music library as well as with streamed music / video content via your smartphone applications such as Spotify and YouTube. You can also control your calls when using applications such as Skype.


  • Nice warm sound

  • 5 different size options

  • No tangled mess

  • Microphone on cable

  • Modern styling


  • Bass isn't great

  • Cords feel a bit heavy

Conclusion :

If you’re looking for premium quality earphones for your smartphone at an affordable price, then the a-Jays One+ is definitely a great choice. The design is Stylish and modern, it’s not meant to be brightly colored and flashy, just discreet. The sound quality is amazing for its price.They’re really classy and will be more than adequate for most people. You can purchase your set of a-Jays One plus from Jays official website , also have a look at jays other earphones as they have new earphones too!

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