Extended 5000mAh Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note Review

June 03, 2013


[divider]When it comes to battery life we’re all noobs! And you know what? You shouldn’t necessarily have to be a power user just to get a solid day out of your phone. This is what phone manufacturers don’t seem to understand (or they understand it perfectly but are much more interested in selling their products than delivering us, users, what we need).

Whether you’re in office or driving all day and using the Note as your personal navigation solution, you’re out hiking, you’re a heavy user, or don’t have access to a charger until the next day, this is something you should consider.


What’s in the box?


The package contains your extended battery and a battery cover for your Galaxy Note. You will definitely need this because your stock battery cover will no longer be able to snap back in place. The BatteryBay battery is twice as thick as the stock Samsung battery!

You’ll notice that there’s no charger included. That’s because batterybay encourages you to use the stock charger that came with your Samsung Galaxy Note. Fully charging the batterybay battery, from flat to 100% will take less than 4 hours.

On the back of the battery cover there’s a plastic strip which you can extend and use as a kick-stand to prop your device up when you’re watching movies, picture slideshows, or listening to music.

Specs : 


  • Li-ion battery

  • Compact and light weight battery for daily use.

  • With CE and ISO9001 certificate for quality assurance

  • RoHS approved for toxic free

  • Advancessd Li-ion technology provides improved energy density.

  • Cadmium-free to make sure toxic free

  • Battery can be used more than 500 times (charge and discharge)

The extended battery for the Samsung Galaxy Note is rated at 5,000mAh. That’s more than double the size of the stock battery that comes bundled with Samsung’s giant S-Pen-enabled phone.


Build quality : 

The battery’s back cover is solid, and feels sturdy. The plastic used is not (or feels not) as high quality as Samsung’s stock battery cover and the plastic kick-stand flap on the back will get scratched really easily as the phone sits on it all the time when placed down.The black version of the battery cover is shiny and sells the impression of Samsung’s stock feel.The cutouts are a perfect fit so you don’t have to worry about the camera, flash, speaker, or even the S-Pen. Everything snaps nicely in place. However, we noticed occasional squeaking sounds which we don’t necessarily like.

Battery life :


In our review, we found the 2,500mAh stock battery inside the Samsung Galaxy Note to offer a full day with moderate-to-heavy use. Of course, “moderate-to-heavy” use, like any smartphone usage, differs from person to person. However, the generally accepted idea is that you’ll be fine for a day in most cases carrying the Note.

Once you pop in this extended battery things start to change. You’ll first be surprised to see that your battery icon is still showing a fully charged battery after a couple of hours of usage; that’s when you go into the settings and double check. While you’re there, you’ll most probably enable the battery percentage display in the status bar and you’ll love how slowly it will start decreasing.

Our daily usage, while reviewing this accessory, wasn’t at all different from the way we use phones that we review. That means having multiple email accounts set up with push enabled, various social media applications, GPS navigation or mapping, heavy WiFi and data-based browsing, weather apps and widgets, streaming music from Spotify, YouTube video playback, plus the regular daily five-to-ten calls and up to five text messages in addition to ten-to-fifteen emails sent (and more than 50 being received).

Under those circumstances, just before our Galaxy Note finally died, the system reported a battery life of 1 days 2 hours 36 minutes and some spare seconds. Screen-on time reported was 8 hours 16 minutes.

Note: On our first run, with the exact similar usage conditions, we only got 1 day and 5 hours while the second run improved to 1 days and 11 hours. Batteries tend to improve over the first couple of cycles after which they start to constantly deteriorate.

On the extreme end of things, while constantly using the phone throughout the day, we got close to 21 hours of battery life out of which the screen was on for over 8 hours. Not bad!


Pros :

+ solid performance
+ included battery cover
+ built-in kick-stand


Cons :

- heavy
- thick
- occasionally squeaking
- cover quality isn’t great
- kick-stand on the back easily gets scratched


Pricing and availability :


You can get this 5,000mAh extended battery for the Samsung Galaxy Note directly from the manufacturer. It will set you back at just $ 21.79 and it comes in white and black color options to match your Note’s accent. Shipping is free.




Conclusion :

The Battery Bay extended battery for the Samsung Galaxy Note is an excellent answer for those who really need a solution that will offer a longer battery life. Whether you’re on a (business) trip, hiking, driving or you simply don’t mind the added bulk and you want to have extreme battery life, this can be one of the resolutions for you!

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