How to Root Google Nexus 5 - The Easy Way

November 27, 2013

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Android is popularly known for its ease of customization, no other mobile platform offers huge customization aspects. This is the reason why thousands of new android devices are activated everyday, with android phones and tablets sales improving there are new android users who are joining the community everyday.

There are more than 60% of android users who prefer the stock user interface with no root access, excluding me as i cannot live without Root access on my android devices. why stop when you can do much more on your android? For example you can install custom recovery, custom roms, run root apps, backup app data,overclock processor and much more!

Though rooting isn't really a piece of cake atleast you have to do some cracking for it. We have the easiest guide to Root your Nexus 5 which includes unlocking the bootloader + Rooting. This is fairly easy but need patience and time.

What you need :

1. A Google Nexus 5 with atleast 50% of battery charge.
2. USB Cable.
3. Windows/Mac or Linux.
4. Internet access (To download tool)

(We have tested this rooting method on our nexus 5.)

NOTE : Rooting on Nexus 5 requires Unlocked bootloader, we will be unlocking the bootloader here but make sure you backup all your files,apps,contacts,messages,etc. as everything on the device will be DELETED/WIPED !

Instructions :


1. Backup everything on your phone and move it to your pc/mac.

2. Download the tool provided by Chainfire and Unzip it using winrar or winzip.

3. Move all extracted content to a folder so that you don't mess up the files i made a folder here called 'Root Nexus 5'

root nexus 5 second image

4. Open the Folder, select 'Root-Windows' If you're on Windows 7/8.

If you're on mac then choose 'Root-Mac'

if you're on linux then choose 'Root-Linux'

theandroidcop nexus 5 root 4

For windows 7/8 you don't need to enter commands where as on Mac and linux you are asked to use commands.

Here are the commands that you will need if you are on Linux or Mac :

Commands for Linux :

— chmod +x
— Run

Commands for Mac OS X :

— chmod +x
— Run

5.  I will be going ahead with Windows 7.

Open 'Root-Windows'

After opening the tool you will be asked to enter your nexus5 into the bootloader mode.

theandroidcop  root nexus tool

6. To Enter into Bootloader Mode : 'Power off' the device completely and unplug usb (If plugged in) then follow the steps below.

Press and hold 'Volume Up + Volume Down + Power' buttons at the same time'
Press,Hold and Wait for 3 - 5seconds till you see the start screen with the android robot on screen (image below)


7. Now plug in the device into your pc/mac via usb cable. Wait for a minute or two. so that the drivers are installed safely. After you're pc/mac recognizes the device , simply tap any key to continue, it will take you to the Unlock bootloader screen (image below)

theandroidcop unlocking bootloader nexus 5

8. Scroll up by pressing the volume up button and select 'yes' then press the power button to continue. Now on the nexus 5 it shows the 'Lock state - unlocked'

9. In a minute or two your device will reboot, will show a Red android logo this will automatically run scripts for the rooting process. This is all automated you have nothing to worry about just sit back and relax!

Note : This will not install a custom recovery. You have to do it manually.

10. Press any key to continue on your pc/mac so that the program closes itself. yeah the process is complete. You do not need your device to be connected to the pc anymore! In some amount of time the phone will reboot itself (total reboots that will be done during the whole process - 2)

and you will be welcomed at the setup screen, yes obviously the phone will be wiped and returned to factory reset.

You're DONE! You now have full root access! :D

Go into the app drawer and you'll see the superuser app called 'Super Su'
To prove your device is rooted you can verify it by downloading an app from playstore 'Root checker' [Link here]

Thanks to chainfire,(Developer of the tool which helps in unlocking bootloader/rooting the device)

If you successfully rooted your Nexus 5 then, please drop a comment below!
If you have any errors/issues do let us know, we will help you.

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