Review : Moga Pro Power and Moga Hero Power

November 27, 2013

The Moga controllers has redefined gaming on android smartphones and tablets. Gaming on Android devices with console like experience was always a dream for hardcore gaming fans. Thanks to Moga, We can finally feel and enjoy console like gaming experience on android smartphones and tablets with Moga’s brand new controllers, Moga Hero Power and Moga Pro Power. Lets find out which Moga controller you should choose and why.

Moga hero Pro and moga pro power

We’ll start it off with the comparison between the two controllers. Lets begin..

Design and built quality of Hero Power and Pro Power :- 


The Moga hero is very well built considering the predecessor . The moga hero is an updated version of the first generation Moga controller. The updated design includes both analog sticks and a d-pad, enabling easier control and comfort to the gamer. Additionally, The Hero power has a 1800mAh battery.



The plastic does not feel cheap or filmsy anyhow . The layout of this one constitutes of standard 4 button configuration , standard digital direction buttons and standard shoulder buttons , along with 2 standard size analogue thumbsticks However , the L2 and the R2 keys on Hero Power do not offer expected feedback. We don't know if it's general issue Or only our unit was defective . Else , the buttons offer nice feedback and won't let you down . The moga hero is portable and easily fits into your pocket where as the Moga Pro power needs more space.



The Moga pro power is the larger model and keeps the same design from the old Moga pro. It’s just an upgraded version of the moga pro.The predecessor of Moga pro power was already its best, personally i don’t think it needed any changes or modifications. Though it still resembles the Xbox 360 controller design it really feels more premium than the older version. The only huge difference is the removal of ridges on the grip and i really love the smooth elegant feel.


The controller is also a bit heavy which makes it much more sturdy. Moga Pro power also has a bigger battery of 2200mAh that can charge the device while you’re gaming.The rest is all very similar to Hero Power.



One of the major features of Moga controllers are that they charge smartphones using their internal batteries which eliminates the compromise between the gaming and battery life.

Moga likes to call it ‘Moga Boost’ and claims that it only works when the controller has more than 25% juice left. This means that the 2200mAh battery in the Power Pro, only a maximum of 1650mAh is available to charge your device; On the hero power, that 75% equates to 1350mAh.

As soon as the battery level goes below 25% the controller will no longer charge the smartphones but they continue to operate normally.


here you have to choose for yourself, if you’re going to need a bigger controller with slightly bigger battery or a pocketable controller with not so great battery charging capacity.Moga Power series is a gaming controller first and a mobile charger second. The main reason of moga boost is to extend the gaming time and experience and that works flawlessly.



The new slightly improved SMRT clip can hold most of the android phones and phablets, Both new models can accommodate large devices like the Galaxy note3 and the Xperia Z1 but we doubt if it can hold up the Xperia Z ultra.



If you own a galaxy mega or a xperia z ultra we’d suggest you to go for the power pro as it also includes a tablet stand inside the box making the overall package independently suitable though the hero pro will function just fine if you already have a tablet stand.


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Price and Availability : 

The MOGA Hero Power is the most affordable of the two priced at $59.99. This is a bit of a high starting price, but it will prove to be worth its price if you value battery life.

The MOGA Pro Power is for more demanding gamers who prefer a bigger, more comfortable controller. One that will give you an advantage while playing those hard core mobile games. This funky dude costs $79.99.

Verdict :

Both controllers work with the free downloadable MOGA Pivot app, which is great – it shows all the games currently installed on your device that it can work with, and a list of others that can be purchased. Around 150 games are currently supported with the MOGA controllers, which is a solid number that’s way above what was on offer when the original controller lineup launched.



Overall, the MOGA Pro Power and MOGA Hero Power are indispensable tools for Android gamers. The updates to the controllers are welcome, and the MOGA Boost technology is appreciated, although not optimized as well as it could be. In a perfect world, the devices would have two separate batteries to charge devices without leaving your MOGA controller completely lifeless.

That being said, both controllers greatly enhance Android gameplay and deliver a console-like experience, especially if you have a tablet that connects to an HDTV via HDMI like mine.

Purchase Moga Controllers from here :- 


Which one do you prefer? Have you got one? Sound off in the comment section below!

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