How To Block Ads on YouTube For Android

December 14, 2013

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YouTube is the best video sharing website till date which was created in 2005 by three former paypal employees and later google acquired YouTube, in 2006. Since then YouTube has been growing drastically. People all around the world spend hours and hours recording videos and upload them on YouTube, while some just upload videos some just enjoy watching them with endless joy and excitement. As mobile technology has been growing rapidly, there are apps for everything and even for YouTube. Sinch the first launch of YouTube app for android, Google has changed and introduced a lot of new features and new gimmicks.

Recently Youtube's Android app was updated with the new pop up video feature, this feature allows users to watch videos while browsing for other videos. Along with this feature, google also decided to add continuous commercials on all YouTube videos. so now when you watch videos using the official YoutTube android app you see ads on every single video, that's because of the new YouTube policy. anyways, we will be disabling Ads in YouTube's Android App using some apps and root access.

NOTE : You're Device needs to be ROOTED! This will work on Any Android Phone or Tablet running Android 4.0 or above. WITHOUT ROOT ACCESS THIS WILL NOT WORK!!!


1. On your Rooted Android Device, Install 'Xposed Installer'. Open the App and install Xposed framework, Reboot the device.

2. Download 'YouTube AdAway' and install, open Xposed Framework App , Go into 'Modules' section and Enable ' YouTube AdAway'.

3. Open 'YouTube AdAway' App and Tick 'Hide ads'.

Tip : You can also hide brands logo and video suggestions popups and you can disable country restrictions.

Congratulations! You have successfully disabled Ads in the official YouTube App for Android.

Leave your comments below if this worked for you, it will help your fellow YouTubers. Happy YouTubing!

Sources : Xposed Framework and YouTube Adaway.

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