How To Lock Specific Android Apps

December 01, 2013

how to lock specific android apps
Enabling the default security password/pattern lock on android devices does not protect apps instead it just locks the whole phone from being accessed. many android users, including me own android tablets which is used by our whole family but all family members don't use the same apps, some use media apps where as some only use the browsers for browsing.

I usually use skype, facebook and twitter on my android tablet and i don't like anyone messing with my accounts. Glad that i found an app called 'Applock'. Now its very easy to protect apps with Pattern or Password on all my android devices. So lets get started!

What is App Lock :

Applock is a simple app for locking apps using pattern/password. It also has amazing features such as :

  • Protects any apps using password or pattern

  • Photo Vault

  • Video Vault

  • Customize background, set your favorite photo

  • Themes

  • Fake cover

  • Profiles, easy to change the locks

  • Automatic lock at given time

  • Automatic lock at given location

  • Random keyboard

  • Lock switch(WiFi,BT,3G/4G Data...)

  • Widget for quick locking/unlocking

  • Locks incoming or outgoing calls

  • Lock system Settings

  • Lock Google Play Store

  • Quick lock switcher on status bar

  • Re-lock policy: allow short exit, no need to unlock again

  • Prevent apps from being uninstalled

  • Hide AppLock's icon from launcher

  • AppLock can be prevented from being uninstall

  • AppLock cannot be killed by task killers

  • Little memory footprint and power-saving

You can hide photos,videos and use new themes and enable time locks along with location lock as well. Its an all in one lock app for android and easily makes in the list of must have apps for android.


1. Download And Install An App Named 'App Lock' from Google Play Store. The app is available for free. You Can Install This App Directly From Your Android Phone just go to Play Store and Search the keyword 'App Lock'.

2. After Installing the App Lock , Open the app, it will ask you to draw lock pattern or type password. After you're done with that you will be asked to lock apps.

3. You will be Taken to the following screen , where you can choose which lock type you would like to use..there are 2 types of lock systems - Number Lock and Pattern lock ..Number Lock is the Most Secure Way to Keep your apps protected! here is the list of apps that i have locked using the apps (image below).

how to password or pattern protect android apps 3

4. After Setting the Lock Setting , There are some additional settings too..Tap on the Gear Icon present on the Right Top Side , and Choose Settings to set up all settings just the way you want it to be. Just Make Sure you Tick the First Option 'Lock protection'. Set the limit time to 2 minutes, 5 minutes , until lockscreen. It depends on the user, Same goes with the Re-Lock after Screen on setting too!

5. You can also set the message to display whenever the lock screen pop up covers your screen, I've set it to 'Spying? Get lost!' you can choose your own phase. here is an example of how the  number lock and Pattern Lock looks like these when skype is locked by App lock (Images below!)

how to password or pattern protect android apps 11

how to password or pattern protect android apps 9

If you purchase the premium features then you can use the themes and all other additional features too!

Now that you know how to lock apps on android devices, share this tutorial with your friends, Also don't forget to leave your comments below :)

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