Kitsound Beamers Wireless Headphones Review

December 04, 2013

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If you're looking for a budget wireless headphone then your search ends here. The Kitsound beamers are yours! Kitound is a well known uk based company who manufactures classy headphones for an affordable price. Through price cutting companies often unintentionally lose the quality of the product but kitsound beamers aren't those type of headphones. Lets get started with our review :

What's in the box :

1. Kitsound Beamers.
2. USB Charger.
3. User manual.

Build Quality :

The Build quality is average, the plastic looks very cheap but considering the price and other competitors this shouldn't matter much.  Beamers are one of the lightest headphones i've ever used, you won't really notice the headphones.  The soft ear pads are very appealing, they won't hurt you even if you're using it for 4hours on a stretch, It is soft and ultra comfortable. Also there is LED light on the right controller, its pretty annoying when you're in dark listening to some music as the light will blink every 4seconds and its very strong! yeah it lights up the room whenever it blinks!

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There is a built in microphone which is very sensitive and attending calls on this beast is a pleasure. The buttons are quirky, noisy but they are perfectly designed. One feature that i miss is the option to plug in 3.5mm headphone jack and connect it to laptops and tablets, this is very useful when your headphones are out of juice and you still want to listen to some music or watch YouTube Videos.

Sound Quality and battery life : 

Sound quality on beamers is very clear, loud and crisp but i've experienced low bass compared to other wireless headphones. If you're a hardcore fan of bass then you might want to skip this one. Noise cancelling on beamers is awesome, i couldn't hear anything, watching movies using beamers was the perfect experience. I'd say these are the best pair of headphones for watching movies. I could hear every detail and every little,tiny beat.

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Also pairing the beamers is very easy and pairs up with any Bluetooth device. It has a very good range support of 10m. The battery life is pretty astonishing, kitsound claims it lasts for 16hours but i suppose that depends on low sound, with full volume it lasted for about 11hours on a single charge. on phone calls it lasted about 18 hours on a single charge.  after you run out of battery you will need to charge beamers for just 4hours.

Verdict :

Kitsound beamers are perfect for watching movies, then listening to music. build quality could have been much better but that being said the Sound quality is pretty good and is considerable for the price. The battery life is very good too. You won't really run out of juice anytime soon. Taking phone calls on beamers is very comfortable. if you're looking for the best headphone under $80 then here is your deal!

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