Top 5 Free Medical Apps For Android

December 16, 2013

Medical and Computers were two different fields ages ago but now they both are more or less the same. They are so closely blended these days. With technology booming and mobile app taking over every field, medical field is no exception and med users are very happy and keen about having several mobile apps that ease their burden and pain.

Top 5 Free Medical Apps for Android TheAndroidCop
There are hundreds of mobile apps in Google Playstore alone that are useful for medical purposes. The below mentioned is a list of top 5, free, most downloaded and glorified apps that are worth of downloading. Each of these apps closely resembles one another yet they have strikingly unique differences that add an additional credit to them.

1. Medscape

Medscape was launched recently but it has gained stupendous reputation and wide recognition in such a short span of time. The app is now listed under most downloaded medical apps. The amount of free-of-cost content provided by this beautiful Medscape app is absolutely mind blowing and seems to incessantly grow with each and every update.

The users can find 7,000+ drug references, 3,000+ disease and clinical references, 2,500+ authentic clinical images and also procedure videos. There are also a robust drug interaction tool checker, the CME activities, and lots more.

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2. Epocrates

This is a very essential app for drug references. There are a plenty of drug references which are easy and effective to be understood by med students also. This app’s major feature is that it supports older versions of Android too.

Thus this app seems to be really a worthy choice of download. This app also has a lot of pictures and videos that will let you to browse through.

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3. Skyscape

This app is present in this list not for one but for two major reasons: Firstly, Skyscape is the only high-quality all-in-one type app for Android. There is no other all-in-one app. Secondly, every single Android version is supported by this beautiful app.

The Android Skyscape app offers various health care professionals and students to access a very robust selection of several medical calculators (Archimedes). This app also periodically updates the medical news alerts and few practice guidelines. The students can have access to certain paid textbooks and authentic solid drug reference like the RxDrugs. Furthermore disease monographs are also present.

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4. Eponyms

Eponyms are medical phrases and pathologies which are actually named after key people for example “Beck’s Triad”. There are so many of them not hundreds but thousands of them. No one can remember all of them easily. It is not just difficult but absolutely near impossible to keep them all straight.

To bless the medical students this app contains more than over 1,700 of the most widely used and popular Eponyms. This is a great resource to both students and medicos. This will help you to refresh your knowledge, and also acts as a reference material.

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5. Calculate by QxMD

Calculate by QxMD is well known and most downloaded for its aesthetically appealing UI design and its utterly smooth user interface which is unbeatable by other standards. There are numerous collections of medical calculators which are contained in the android based app. It is wide enough to satisfy the budding needs of most generalists and students also it helps in giving accurate information for projects by Medicos.

There are several calculators in the app which progresses through a set of screens. This often poses a set of questions to the user for determining their score or value of interest.

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These are the several important and well used apps that might be very important for the health care professionals, doctors, pharmacologists, med students amongst others.

This is a guest post written by Zoya Bennet.

Zoya Bennet is a part of Contus mobility team and author of this article. She is a passionate blogger interested in writing articles on Professional android application development . She constantly offers technology-based solutions for the platforms iOS, Android and Windows.

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