How Micromax Care Service centers cheat their customers

April 03, 2016

How Micromax Care Service centers cheat their customers

Micromax is the tenth largest smartphone vendor in the world. It is among India's most promising brands and yet their service centers are deceiving. There are around 8,000 complaints on of which only 135 were resolved.

India is the country which gave micromax a platform to grow and in return they give the customers tons of excuses for not repairing phones, tablets etc.

Headover to and you can see many angry frustrated indians.

Let me share Sohail Lateef's experience with micromax care, secunderabad branch, Telangana. He purchased a Micromax Canvas Knight A350.  Everything was fine for some 7 to 8 Months and one morning the smartphone died. It was completely dead. He took it to the micromax care service center which is in secunderabad. The smartphone was in warranty period.

The customer submitted the smartphone on 19th December 2015 after tons of problems caused by micromax care.

Guess when the customer received the device?

March 1 2016!

Days = 72.

Just to replace a smartphone!

But this doesn't end here. When the customer received the replacement smartphone after waiting for 72 days he received a used smartphone that had a number of issues such as distorted speaker, shaky back panel, random reboots, Touch issues and many more!

The customer asked for replacement again but this time they said it will take only 20 days. He submitted the smartphone on 3rd March 2016 and till date, that is 3rd April 2016. Its been a month again after resubmitting the device. on 25 March 2016 Micromax sent an sms to the customer that the device is being repaired and not replaced.

Funny thing is that the service center branch manager didn't include any issues that the customer described instead he sent the device with 'Sensor Not Working'.

It has been around 106 Days and The customer hasn't received the smartphone till date.

so This is how Micromax care service centers are in real life situations. I know even this article won't do justice to the customer but atleast it will open eyes of some indian customers who are planning to go for micromax smartphones and maybe it can save their time and money, both.

This is how micromax handles its customers. very poor customer support and very rude service center management.

If you are planning to buy a micromax smartphone think again. maybe you want to save your money and valuable time.

Here are the job sheet of 1st replacement and 2nd replacement -

How Micromax Care Service centers cheat their customers


How Micromax Care Service centers cheat their customers

I hope this article helps you or saves your hard earned money, go for a smartphone which has less features but better service centers with trust worthy customer support.

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