Learn To Develop Android Apps With Smart Courses

December 05, 2016


Technology always passes through different time phases. This is the time when only one sound is coming from all directions - Android and its app. The market is filled with so many web designers and developers, but android developers are really few in number. Being a software developer or website designer, you began to feel the need of Android Development Training. You started browsing for the training courses and found some courses even. Since, the concept is new for you; you have no idea what to check in the training. So, go through the course summary to take decision easily.

Course Coverage

Below are the things to be covered in the course:

  • The course will include learning about different android tools. These include the DDMS, Android Studio and Android SDK. Some other tools are also kept in the training course. They are the Eclipse, Listeners and many more.

  • The course will include training regarding the widgets and layouts. You will have to use those in the app consignment, you are handling now.

  • Permissions are to be added to app and there the main role is played by Android SDK. Learn to use the debugging tools for the permissions.

  • A high end android app will need different services in it. Audio and video inclusion is common. Along with that you need to integrate services, advanced on notification and even synchronizing database. Learn how to work with SQL in the app, you are developing.


Eligibility Criteria

Where there is training, there must have to be an eligibility factor. In case of the Android Developer Training, the prerequisites, you must have are:

  • Knowledge about different application languages

  • Advanced knowledge in Java as well as JavaScript.

Features Of The Course

By no means, you can pause your job and join the training. Hence make it sure that the following features are included in the course package -


  • The course must be an online support, which you can access from any where. You will not have to sit in a classroom and go through the course.

  • Developing your app, while going through the course, is very much important. You can learn and apply that very well in your business instantly.

  • Schedule of training must be flexible. You cannot leave all your jobs and sit for the training. It will be taken by you as is your routine for the day.

  • The final thing that must be there in the course is an access to the training materials. You must not attend the same course again, if you forget a particular string of the training. So, there must be a life time access to the study materials.


Outcome of the training

You will develop the complete knowledge about app, after going through the course. You need to develop app by yourself. This will be the key that will resemble completion of your course. At the end of everything, you will have to publish the app in the market place too. So, learn the android security configurations and market publishing process.

With the completion of the Android Development Training, you are ready to take assignments for developing android app. Your business will reach a new horizon with that. New assignments, new revenue income zone and excellent proficiency - these are the things that will put you on the top. The training will open up all the gates for you. Hence check the features mentioned above and join the course today.

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