15 Best Android Apps of 2017

January 30, 2017

The New Year means you should also update your smartphone’s apps. When Google Play store is full of apps, finding the best picks can be tricky. But not anymore, as we’ve listed the best Android apps of 2017 to improve your phone.


The dreaded phone battery life is always a tricky thing. But Greenify, which is free to download, makes your battery run just a little longer. It has many power-saving modes to keep you going.

2. Next Lock Screen

The app doesn’t just secure your phone, but also makes the screen look nicer. The phone uses fingerprint scanning, so you need an Android phone from AllPhones that supports this function. Other than that, it changes your wallpaper depending on your location and shows detailed notifications of any missed calls or texts.

3. Solid Explorer File Management

The app does come with a small cost, but you can trial it first for free. The app makes navigating through your files a lot smoother and you can link it up with any cloud storage system, making changing files easy.

4. Timehop

Ever wondered what you did on this day three years ago? With this free app you can do exactly that, as the app pulls out memories from your social media and other platforms such as Foursquare and give you an outlook of what’s been going on. The app is fun because you don’t know what to expect.

5. Google Opinion Rewards

The app is free and it could see you earn money! By completing surveys with the app, you can get a modest sum of money. It only takes a second to fill the survey, so perfect for those moments when you got nothing to do.

6. Feedly

You can create your personal news feed with this fun app. It will also introduce you to a massive amount of new websites and makes sharing content easier on social media. Based on your interests and choices, you can get a personalised feed of news and videos that might interest you and which are topical.

7. Sync for Reddit

If you’ve not yet started using Reddit, you must make a change in 2017, as it’s the place where all the cool kids hang out. There are tons of Reddit apps out there, but Sync for Reddit is one of the best – it looks and feels great. The app is free and if you don’t find it appealing, you can pick one of the other popular Reddit apps for Android.

8. Avast Antivirus & Security

You should consider proper protection for your Android phone this year. Avast is a great pick. In fact, the PC version of the system has been awarded as the best free antivirus in 2015. You can find some great deals on  large selection of Antivirus from cybersecurity experts like Trend Micro, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Norton & more.


Are you a fan of podcasts? If so, get the Dogcatcher app and get tons of professional and fun podcasts for free. There’s thousands hours worth of entertainment available with the app. The app has a modest up-front cost, but it is definitely worth it.

10. Fenix for Twitter

For social media, and specifically Twitter, fanatics, the paid app is worth checking out. It is highly customisable and responsive, making Tweeting a lot more fun.

11. Tasker

If you are looking for a great task management app and you aren’t against spending a few dollars, Tasker is worth buying. There are plenty of automating options, such as having the phone automatically turn on Spotify when you put headphones on.


If you actually want to take your selfies to the next level, forget about Instagram’s filters and start using Prisma. It creates highly artistic photos that don’t look out of place.


The free app is great for people who travel around a lot. With WifiMapper, you can see the best, free WiFi options nearby and avoid having to use your precious Optus mobile data.

14. Google Play Books

Who wouldn’t want a free library at their fingertips? The app is a great e-book reader and you can synchronize the progress of your books with your other Android devices. Furthermore, it is possible to download your own PDF files on to the reader.

15. Pocket

Pocket has been around for a while, but too many people still don’t use it. But the app is great; it allows you to easily save articles and videos for later, making train journeys more bearable.

The above apps should get your New Year off to a good start. There is a mix of entertainment and productivity apps to guarantee your 2017 isn’t just fun and games, but has a balance of getting things done and having a good time.

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