Mugen 4600mAh Battery for Micromax Canvas HD Review Coming Soon

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Mugen 4600mAh Battery for Micromax Canvas HD
Mugen power has recently launched their new amazing extended battery for a couple of devices including the famous Micromax Canvas HD and many others which are also known as Fly IQ 451 Vista / MyPhone A919i Dual / Mobistel Cynus T5 / Wiko Cink Five (The model depends on manufacturers who launched the same device in different countries with different names). All these phones are the same, the only difference is the company branding and some user interface changes.

If you are not familiar with Mugen Power then let me introduce them.  Mugen Power manufactures the best high quality extended batteries in the smartphone market. They have been known for Extended batteries for Galaxy Note, Note 2 and Google Nexus 4. They recently unveiled their newest extended battery for Nexus 5 too!

In the past, we have reviewed the 2650mAh extended battery for Galaxy Note N7000. We are excited about the performance and battery life with the 4600mAh battery for Micromax Canvas HD. The stock battery is of 2000mAh capacity and it lasts all day with on-screen time of 5hours. With, mugen power battery it will be doubled in terms of on-screen time maybe we will be able to cross 11hours of onscreen time easily. Hopefully we will be reviewing the 4600mAh battery for Micromax Canvas HD soon. Stay tuned. Also, do let us know if you are interested in other mugen power extended batteries.

For Further details visit mugen power’s webpage : Mugen 4600mAh battery for Micromax Canvas HD

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