15 Best Android Apps of 2017

The New Year means you should also update your smartphone’s apps. When Google Play store is full of apps, finding the best picks can be tricky. But not anymore, as we’ve listed the best Android apps of 2017 to improve your phone. 1.Greenify The dreaded phone battery

iPhone vs Android for Gaming

The never-ending debate about whether iPhone or Android devices are better for mobile gaming continues to rage on heading into 2017. It is time that this epic battle of opinions comes to a conclusion. So we have decided to put their different pros and cons head-to-head to

Develop Your App Building Skill With New Lessons

Aspiration to learn mobile app creation has brought you to this page. You learned use of Android SDK and started creating different apps. Now you need to learn advanced technology to create high quality apps. Take help of C# for that. Xamarin Online training will train you

Learn To Develop Android Apps With Smart Courses

Technology always passes through different time phases. This is the time when only one sound is coming from all directions – Android and its app. The market is filled with so many web designers and developers, but android developers are really few in number. Being a software

Casino games on Samsung gear VR

Casino games on samsung gear VR will make a huge difference in the industry. People are all asking about whether or not they are going to need entirely new devices in order to enjoy the new online casino VR games that are going to be introduced in